Nominations of 12th Annual LUX Style Awards Announced

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Pakistan is an emerging market when it comes to style and fashion, and one platform which has definitely raised the bar in the country, is the LUX Style Awards. These nominations and awards are now seen to be one of the very few national programs that are aimed towards boosting the entertainment industry along with playing a positive role in Pakistan’s image around the world s well.

In high anticipation, nominations of the 12th Annual LUX Style Awards were announced recently and there are many names which people may have expected, while some surprised as they came up as one of the frontrunners for numerous awards separated into different categories.

A good aspect about the LUX Style Awards is the fact that it covers a broad variety of departments that can be included in the field of entertainment. From TV to music and fashion, the LUX Style Awards have gotten it covered and so far, have not failed to impress for the 12 years they have been in running.

With a total of 22 categories, five names have been shortlisted for each, making the competition extremely tough.

Some widely looked forward to competitions are in the category of television where Humsafar will go up against Maat, Manjali, Mera Yaqeen and Shehre Zaat. The Best TV Actress award has hopefuls such as Hina for Qudusi Sahab ki Bewa, Mahira Khan for Humsafar, Mahvish Hayat for Mere Qatil Mere Dildar, Saba Hameed for Manjali and Saba Qamar for Maat. All very big names in the field, that will definitely make it hard for the judges to decide.

Fashion is another major category of the LUX Style Awards with Amna Ilyas, Ayyan, Cybil Chowdhry, Mehreen Syed and Rabia Butt, all in the race for the Model of the Year (Female) award. Counting down Model of the Year (Male), we have names like Abbas Jafri, Ather Amin, Jahan-e-Khalid- Shehzar Noor and Waleed Khalid.

Not only will these announcements be something viewers look forward to, but also the grace and elegance that comes along with the LUX Style Awards. The red carpet preshow where all the superstars gather up and chat in front of the camera along with seeing how they make their presence felt by what they wear and accessorize themselves with.

The LUX Style Awards is an event to be watched and missing out would be a terrible mistake to make for all you fashion and style enthusiast out there!

Hamza Lali As a special contributor for Lifehack, he wrote a tech column and hosted an online gadgets show. He is also writing about fashion, Travel and technology. He is regulary contribute to Yahoo and Wordpress Blog . He is a Content Editor at AdClout.