Five Must Have Accessories for an Evening Out

Five Must Have Accessories
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Accessories aren’t just for women. The right pieces can complete a man’s evening outfit and give it that finishing touch. Look sharp and sophisticated with these must-have accessories. You’re sure to be the star of the show wherever you go on your evening out.

An Oversized Watch

It’s time to put away that raggedy old watch you’ve had since high school. If you’re sporting a watch with a Velcro or plastic strap, the time to upgrade it now. Choose an oversized watch with a leather or metal strap. Sure, many guys have replaced their timepieces with cell phones. Go ahead and show your classic side with a timeless watch.

Oversized Watch

A Sophisticated Wallet

If you’re going to spend money on your night out, why doesn’t do it in style? A dark, leather wallet projects confidence. Avoid stuffing your wallet full of receipts and change. A few cards, some cash and your I.D. are all you really need. The streamlined look is always best when it comes to evening accessories for men. You don’t want to pull your wallet out to pay for your date and have extra coins and receipts falling out all over.

Sophisticated Wallet

The Perfect Signature Scent

Yes, fragrance can be accessory. Everyone loves a guy who smells divine. The trick is to use your cologne sparingly. Pass on body sprays and splashes. They almost always smell cheap. Splash a warm, woodsy scent on before you head out the door. A signature scent is an easy way to make an impression. Remember to use in moderation! It’s not sexy for your date to smell you coming from a mile away. Some people are sensitive to fragrances and may have allergic reactions if you have on too much cologne.

Perfect Signature Scent

Modern and Sleek Outerwear

Nothing ruins an outfit faster than a ratty sweatshirt or cheap jacket. When preparing for a night on the town, always consider what outwear you’ll use. A satin bomber jacket adds a bit of edge and sex appeal to your outfit. Who can’t resist soft fabric like satin or silk? For ideas on ways to incorporate other fabrics like silk into your wardrobe, you can always look online. Sik silk are now moving over to the UK and are sold here.

Modern and Sleek Outerwear

A Stylish Phone Case

Chances you’re going to texting, instagramming and chatting with friends throughout the night. You love your phone and take it just about everywhere. A sleek phone case makes a much better impression than something beat-up and childish. You don’t have to spend big bucks. Simply, choose a silver or gold phone case free of bling and designs. This classic look reveals your good taste.

Stylish Phone Case

Stand out from the crowd with these five accessories. These timeless pieces work for any event, whether it’s a night out with the guys or formal evening with your special someone.

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