DIY Jewelry: 5 Fascinating Ways to Turn your Hardware into Jewelry

Hardware into Jewelry
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When you walk into a hardware store, chances are, you’re not on the pursuit of a necklace to wear to your Christmas party, or a bracelet that will match perfectly with the new outfit you just purchased. Well, maybe you should be. With the explosion of creative DIY (do-it-yourself) projects out there, just about any unexpected item can be turned into something unforeseen – case in point – hardware and jewelry. Here are 5 fascinating and completely unexpected ways to turn common items found in any hardware store, or probably even lying around the house, into unique and eye-catching – and certainly edgy – pieces of jewellery.

Hex Nut Bracelet

Out of all of those little random hardware items that we always seem to have randomly spewed around the garage, hex nuts are certainly show up a lot. A versatile component, the hex nut can actually be transformed into a very trendy wrap bracelet. You’ll simply need about 18 hex nuts and 3 pieces of twine, each cut into 1 yard pieces. Tie the 3 pieces of twine in a knot at one end and braid about an inch down. Here start integrating the hex nuts. Just put one nut on the far left string and push it to the base of the braid and cross that string over as you normally would. Follow with another nut strung along the far right string, and again, cross over as you normally would. Continue this repetition until you’ve used all of the hex nuts, finish about another inch of braided twine, and you’ve got yourself a stylish hex nut bracelet.

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DIY Jewelry - 5 Fascinating Ways to Turn your Hardware into Jewelry1

Bolt Earrings

There are many uses of carriage bolts, but my guess is you never considered them as rock-star worthy earrings. Hardware stores offer a variety of different types of screws and carry many lag bolt options, but for this DIY Jewelry we suggest one with a short stem. You will also need a pair of stud earrings with a flat surface in which you will adhere the head of the screw to. Screw on a fitted nut onto the bolt that you choose, and just like that you have created a rocker-glam accessory to add to your collection.

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Bolt Earrings

Wire Rings

Nothing is easier than DIY wire rings, and the creative options are endless. All you need for this technique is a coil of wire, a stone of your choice, and a pair of pliers. Wrap the wire around your finger (or something the size of your finger) a few times, insert the stone onto the wire and hold it on top of your finger. Wrap the wire around the base of the stone to hold it in place and then continue wrapping the wire around your finger. To finish, wrap the wire around itself and sand the edge.

Wire Rings

Hardware Necklace

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” tutorials. But if you really do think about it, just about any item at a hardware store can be turned into a necklace. Really Purchase a chain, a ribbon, string, whatever appeals to you, and cut it the length of the necklace you desire. Then, choose your charm – and by charm I mean piece of hardware. Something that already has a hole in it would be ideal as you will easily slip your necklace material into the hole and you’ve built a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

Hardware Necklace

Hardware Bracelet

Similar to the hardware necklace, a hardware bracelet is another one of those “aha” moments. For this accessory you will need a bunch of small hardware pieces, and jump rings to attach them. Need I say more?

DIY Jewelry - 5 Fascinating Ways to Turn your Hardware into Jewelry3

Although maybe not the most mainstream pieces of jewelry you will ever see, by adding a few hardware inspired pieces to your collection, you are guaranteed to turn some heads. With products so readily available and certainly inexpensive, roll up your sleeves and turn those random fixtures laying around the house into a thing of beauty.

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