Chameleon Clothing: Five Adaptable Clothes And Accessories Every Girl Should Own

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1) The Denim Shirt

A good quality plain denim shirt is a must-have. Their reasonable weight makes them workable all year round and they’re a classic material and style, which will last season after season.

In winter, they’re a great layering option under a smart skater dress, for a more individual look in the office, or as an androgynous choice with jeans. As the weather warms up, a denim shirt can become a loose and laid back option with a t-shirt and leggings, or even tied up into a cropped denim cover-up, for a summer festival vibe. In fact, they’re so good that you might want to buy two!

2) The Long Vest Top

Long vest tops are everywhere, in all colours imaginable and for pretty good prices. Their plain and simple shape makes them the ideal piece of chameleon clothing, as they can easily be transformed from a splash of colour with day-to-day jeans or leggings, to a striking mini dress – perfect with skyscraper heels and statement jewellery. However, it’s essential that you try before you buy – some cheaper items can be very see-through, so be careful and opt for a vest top cut from heavier material.

3) Light Adapting Sunglasses

If you wear glasses, it’s really worth asking your optician about light adapting lenses. Although once perceived as being exclusively for the elderly, stylish designs like Ray-Ban Wayfarer becoming available has seen an end to this. Light-adapting sunglasses are now not only fashionable but a great investment. They’re fashion forward, and practical – no longer do you have to choose between being able to see and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

4) Reversible Dresses

Keeping an eye out for dresses which work backwards and forwards is both fashion and finance savvy. Two styles which work particularly well are those with plunge necklines and zip details. A statement zip looks great on both front and back, whilst a plunging neckline is a daring and elegant option, whether it’s worn at the front or draping down the back.

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And don’t worry – this is a classic technique, even used by celebs such as Angelina Jolie and Amanda Seyfried! Let’s face it, you’re effectively getting two outfits in one, so you can’t really lose, can you?

5) The Belt Bag

Now, the belt bag (you might know them as bum bags) has had a bit of a rubbish time over the years. However, although it has a horrendous reputation as a staple accessory for over-enthusiastic tourists, the belt bag has made a comeback as a practical – and even fashionable – option for those who just want their hands free.

Available in everything from fancy leather to funky glitter styles, and perfect for festivals, gigs, or even just as an everyday accessory for busy girls. The belt bag keeps all your essentials close to your person, and means you don’t need another belt, as a bonus. Jackpot!

Do you know any great chameleon styles? Share your thoughts below and give our readers your own fashion tips.

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